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MATT2K7 account been hacked

2007-07-19 17:50:23 by TLT007

by deathwish please can anyone help


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2007-07-19 18:01:06

Ahahaha. neic wun defwus


2007-07-19 18:33:03

lol pwnt


2007-07-19 18:41:16

Ugh, as much I don't like him, he doesn't deserve to be hacked, no-one does.

TLT007 responds:

thanks rupee he told me he likes you alot and he's waiting for wade to come online!


2007-07-19 18:44:05 think the guy really hacked newgrounds server to get his account?
OF COURSE NOT! This idiot fell for some trap. IDIOT!


2007-07-19 19:37:53

PM Wade with as many details as you can. It won't be easy to prove it to him, though.


2007-07-19 19:45:37



2007-08-01 06:34:41

To bad its already hacked i was going to give it a go :(
Matt2k7 you suck and your retarded have a nice day joining all them collabs and making crap madness and stick movies.

TLT007 responds:

whats that MR. zombie game that will fail hard?


2007-08-01 07:54:00

This is matt right? Matt tell us your real age. On stickpage it is 11 here it is 15 and on your main account it is 17. It is also called clicking the forgot password button by where you log on.

TLT007 responds:

my real age is 17 this was orgianaly my mates account who is 14 he gave it me because he did'nt really like NG on stickpage i was in a hurry and fucked up my age thing :S does that answer everything?


2007-08-02 08:01:12

Hay Matt, did you delete all of the comments of flamming you?

TLT007 responds:



2007-08-03 16:18:23

'whats that MR. zombie game that will fail hard?'
Its funny how you keep on using that as an insult for whatever i do :D,i don't mind I'm currently working very hard on it,and i'm not some noob like you who made 'Zombies!' because it was really bad.I actually hope you make something other than stick men or madness one day because you have the spirit to work on something big.To bad you will probably continue on like this forever ;( never mind good night.

TLT007 responds:

it was really sirtom93 who made that dumbass


2007-08-04 12:12:15

This is bad news, big dude.
hope you get your account back!

Anyway... why do you call you "TLT007" ?

hehe :)

TLT007 responds:

it was reaaly my freinds account untill he was done with newgrounds gave me it!


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