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2009-04-12 11:55:20 by TLT007

I am very bored..

So its my friends birthday.

2008-12-13 19:42:49 by TLT007

Happy birthday Matt!!

oh and i hope u guys have a awsome christmas!

Imma Tristan

2008-12-11 15:15:11 by TLT007

Yes, im tristan, your new horny buddy.

the krizys gallery finished!

2007-08-05 11:01:42 by TLT007

vote 5! N review

30 pics of random and funny pics of krizy!

the great krizy gallery

2007-08-04 12:53:45 by TLT007

enjoy the first episode!

episode 2 coming soon!

yeah i made this for my best freind krizy! and their is no sound because my speakers broke :S

MATT2K7 account been hacked

2007-07-19 17:50:23 by TLT007

by deathwish please can anyone help